About Helgi Europe

About HELGI the Digital Courtyard

After over 40 years of experience and a growing presence both in the PROFESSIONAL AV and EDUCATIONAL business segment, LIGRA decided to focus more significantly on the international market with selected solutions that will enable our Partners to face the constantly and rapidly changing market demands.

HELGI is the new Brand that will take this big challenge. HELGI adds to the experience value the technological skills and the flexibility of a dynamic structure ready to understand the requirements of the market. HELGI has been created to provide our Partners with the most suitable solutions, either custom made or selected among the best technology available on the market, always keeping in mind that innovation must be affordable and easily accessible.

Multimedia Business and Educational Solutions

With other 40 years of experience we have been produced and distributed cutting edge AV solutions and software to the education, health, public and corporate business sectors through our selected resellers.

Interactive Smart System™ Business solutions

HELGI™ Europe merged the state-of-the-art technology of interactive displays with a full array of innovative, exclusive services.

Full Learning System™ Educational solutions

New didactics call for new needs in the scholastic environments. HELGI™ Europe offers you efficient furnishing solutions specifically conceived to ease the learning process.


Become a Partner

Are you an audio/video technologies distributor, reseller or consultant for the business/educational market?

Choose a partner ready to give you timely advice on the products fitting the needs of your customers and, moreover, multimedia contents specifically developed to make your customers know what they’re purchasing, along with consistent support and assistance.

May it be a corporate company or a scholastic institute, each customer is unique. It’s therefore essential for distributors, resellers
and consultants to have a partner with the widest possible range of brands and products and outstanding consulting services.

To make the sale of our products easier, HELGI™ Europe offers a bundle of support services: tutorials and presentations to improve
the customer experience and make the first steps into the world of interactive systems simple and enjoyable.

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