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In an industry where the only certainty is change, with over 40 years of experience HELGI is much more than a simple distributor of products. We’re not mere box movers. We’re a real consultant and suppliers of solutions both for business and education.
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HELGI for Education

HELGI means innovative solutions for education. From Interactive Flat Panels – provided with carts and stands – to modular furnishing, innovative recharging solutions for mobile devices, MDM software for tablet control & management and a wide range of accessories, HELGI is your best classmate.

HELGI for Business

With an exclusive range of bespoken top quality projection screens entirely made in Italy and a series of innovative solutions for conferencing, meeting rooms and training, such as the P Series Interactive Flat Panels and the AV signal distribution devices, HELGI is the perfect partner for boosting visual communication inside your company!

About Helgi Europe

HELGI adds to the experience value of the well consolidated experience of Ligra the technological skills and the flexibility of a dynamic structure ready to understand the requirements of international markets.

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Full Learning System

Natural learning is based on experience as discovery of the world. In both the analogue and digital world, playing is the most effective way to gain experiences and, therefore, to learn. That’s why new teaching technologies focus their features on creating experiences recreational and educational at the same time.


Professional Audio-Visual Systems

Helgi Europe merged the state-of-the-art technology of interactive displays with a full array of innovative, exclusive services. This system introduces whole-new possibilities for the business world and allows better interactions during meetings, enhanced tools for training and education and improved means of communication between the company and its customers.

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