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Modular Portable Science Lab

Bring a BYOD science lab in every classroom with this innovative solution. A great way to empower science, chemistry, physics and biology teachning. Edit and share datas with the Android App & the web based platform


Build your science lab the easy way – with We-Lab!

We-LAB is an easy and affordable way to give students the essential tools to run science experiments straight into their classroom using everyday devices such as smartphones and tablets. The main idea is to move from a traditional way of conceiveing the laboratory with its expensive equipment – wich most often cannot be even operated by the students – to an interactive, experience-oriented approach.

We-Lab is a modular and portable science laboratory. Its heart is a Raspberry-Pi based unit managing two operational modules, a photometer and a microscope. The whole device is driven via Wi-Fi with an Android smartphone or tablet and can be powered by a wall socket or a portable power bank.
The photometer is an optical LED tool meant to run biochemical analysis on a liquid matrix while the microscope lets the students caputure high resolution images or videos of any sample and view them straight on their devices.

We-Lab is a modular device – it means it will grow up along with the new upcoming operational modules.
The Android application has a user-friendly interface and leads the user all the way through the experiment driving the hardware from the student’s smartphone or tablet. Some experiments are already loaded as presets on the application, while others will be downloadable as soon as they’ll be available. Moreover, thanks to We-Lab students will be able to run their own experiments using the “composer” – a powerful yet easy software tool ready for creating new protocols and analysis methods. And it doesn’t require any programming skill! The We-Lab kit is provided with a set of useful accessories, too.

Once the experiment is over the school, a classroom or a single group of students can share the output datas on the We-Lab web portal in order to inspire the collaborative work wich is the basis of any scientific community or to set up challenges between groups and classes as a way to arouse a positive competitiveness.

Thanks to We-Lab students have the chance to practice what they have learnt right from scratch. This is a great way to encourage curiosity and creativity in a casual and dynamic way. Furthermore, We-Lab urges the students to practice a physical approach to the experiments that will help them in any kind of laboratory and practical science class while giving them an all-rounded set of logical skills.



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