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V-LIFT Motorized elevator for beamers

V-LIFT bracket is a motorized elevator suitable to anchor any type of video-projector to the ceiling. It can be completely hidden into the false ceiling as the panel, removed for installation, can be fixed to the bottom. Its anchoring system allows an optimal adjustment, also in the presence of some level flaws. The 3-positions switch allows to rise it, lower it and block it. The anchoring plate is completely perforated to facilitate the installation of various types of equipment. It is possible to adjust the limit switch both when rising and lowering.



Sturdy structure thanks aluminium and steel profiles which confer both lightness and sturdiness. The structure is partially painted in metallic grey and partially galvanized.
Pantograph opening/closing system in galvanized steel.
Support case totally perforated to facilitate anchoring and make the bracket compatible with the majority of projectors on the market.

Mono-phase electrical motor, absolutely reliable, class II, double insulation with self-resetting thermal protection which stops the motor in case the regular operating temperature is exceeded. The motor is IMQ and CE certified, with 5 years warranty from the date of purchase.
Standard up/down electrical bracket’s inverter.
Lowering and raising limit switch factory adjusted, possibility of further different adjustments if needed. Possibility to stop the bracket at intermediate heights, by acting on the electrical inverter.
Power supply: 230V / 50 Hz. Maximum consumption: 65W. Maximum load capacity: 15 Kg

36 months at the conditions indicated in the user and maintenance manual.

Accessory(not included)
Home remote control, inteo radio control, inverter, counter-ceiling finishing kit.

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