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Manually controlled, professional screens designed with white colour, epoxy powder’s coated, aluminium case; fire-proof, washable, white, professional fabric of high reflection which can be easily mounted to the wall or ceiling through a pair of suspension brackets freely positioned on the length of the box. Upon request, special pairs of brackets are available to space the screen up to 25 cm from the wall. High quality torsion spring with internal device which allows the fabric’s front lowering and its self-blocking each 13 cm, therefore anchoring of the fabric to the wall is not needed. Contained weight screens that represent a valid support to video-projections carried out in board rooms, training rooms, congress rooms, with a limited number of participants.


Useful projection Base

• 250 – Useful projection Base cm 250
• 200 – Useful projection Base cm 200
• 300 – Useful projection Base cm 300

Projection Canvas

• SMW – Soft Matt White Canvas
• SW – Soft White Canvas
• TS – Transound Canvas
• RP – Rear Projection Canvas

Projection Ratio

• 10 – Projection Ratio 16:10
• 43 – Projection Ratio 4:3
• 11 – Projection Ratio 1:1

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