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HELGI Collaboration

Conference Room Collaboration Solution

An innovative Conference Room Solution based on a Windows 10 customizable launcher, with advanced features of content sharing and an innovative ink digitization system working on a virtual shared whiteboard.


For meetings to be as effective and engaging as possible, features as web and video conferencing with features like screen sharing, Instant Messaging and whiteboard are almost mandatory. Without these capabilities, people lose the benefits of rich interaction, remote participants have a sub-optimal experience and the whole team is less productive due to longer meeting startup times.
HELGI Collaboration is the perfect solution for any collaborative, videoconferencing-based working environment. HELGI Collaboration makes any operation easy thanks to a Windows 10 launcher meant to work seamlessy with HELGI IFPs (Interactive Flat Panels).

Based on Windows 10, the launcher is totally customizable by the administrator to show only the applications needed by the end users, such as Skype, the Web browser, Office applications etc. It’s a safe, user-friendly solution: any user, regardless of the level of proficiency in the use of digital solutions, will be able to start a videoconference, use a digital whiteboard, share contents and ideas with colleagues, both in presence or in remote.

HELGI Collaboration can be provided with the exclusive Helgi Marker, a tool able to transform anything written with dry-erase markers on any regular whiteboard in a digital content, streamed live on the Whiteboard application native of the HELGI Collaboration launcher.
Moreover, real-time mirroring supports any kind of device (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS etc.) so that the participants can mirror their devices on the main monitor to easily share contents and contributions.

Helgi Marker

Include whiteboard content in live sessions

Turn into vector traces, in real time, notes and drawings made with dry markers on a normal whiteboard. Meetings become truly interactive by mixing analog and digital in a simple and natural way! Helgi Marker turns real ink into digital data, transmits it wirelessly to the Whiteboard application and makes it sharable by remote participants via Skype or other video conferencing software.

Including hand-drawn content makes the HELGI Collaboration solution even more user-friendly, increasing the level of participation thanks to the possibility of creating a shared virtual whiteboard, over which the participants can work together remotely, in real time.

Air Gesture

Voice / gesture control

HELGI Collaboration Air gesture control and Intel RealSense camera wants to bring the touchless gesture controls seen in the science-fiction film “Minority Report” to everyday consumer / professional electronic devices, starting with Windows 10.

Intel RealSense technology transforms video calls allowing you to project users into a collaborative virtual environment using ChromaKey, an effect much like network TV news broadcasts. Create your own background, hiding the office clutter behind you. This option allows Air-Gesture commands and provides the system with camera and microphone capabilities.




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