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Mobile Device Management solution for iOS and Android tablet management

When a school sets for a massive use of mobile devices and a new approaches to didactics, it needs a solution for managing and controlling the technology behind it all. Chimpa is the answer – compatible with iOS and Android and with any classroom network managing software, based on a professional-level MDM (Mobile Device management), it provides teachers a powerful yet user friendly tool for managing the day-to-day classroom activities, helping student to focus on the subject and preventing distraction and improper uses of the devices. Moreover, Chimpa includes a comprehensive control panel for the IT manager and an application – Chimpa Bazaar – to manage the app, ebooks and contents sharing among the classroom, with full support for volume purchases.


CHIMPA: the right App to manage the classroom devices!

How many times you asked yourself how to effectively use students devices, balancing the different needs of security, control and learning?

We’re proud to introduce you Chimpa, an MDM (Mobile Device Management) solution bespoken for the school needs, able to manage iOS and Android devices at the same time, packed with control and management tools.

Thanks to Chimpa Teach – the teacher control panel, available as free app on the App Store or accessible via webapp on any device – the teacher can:

  • create classes, change the students accounts and set the level of restrictions for single students, groups or the entire classroom.
  • have a full control over the accessible applications, the web browsing and the activities of the sudents.
  • send commands and share contents such as apps, ebooks, web links and documents stored on poular cloud services such as Gdrive, Dropbox and OneDrive.
  • Distribute the chosen apps over the students devices.

Single App Mode
The teacher can force any app to be launched on the student device, locking it on the foreground

App Whitelist
The teacher can choose a group of apps and hide the others from the students devices

Internet ON/OFF
The teacher can lock the internet access

Whitelist configuration
The teacher can create a whitelist of URLs, and the students won’t be able to browse the internet outside of that list

Lock the devices
The teacher can completely lock the students devices

The teacher can set a list of various restrictions on the students devices, such as locking the camera or the dictionary

The teacher can force a device to connect to a mirroring device via AirPlay (iOS only)

Push Web Link
The teacher can share any web link by pushing it straight to the students devices

Push Cloud Content
The teacher can share any cloud-based document by pushing it straight to the students devices

Passcode reset
The teacher can remove or change on the fly any passcode locking the students devices”



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