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New HELGI solution for collaboration in meeting rooms at ISE 2018

HELGI Collaboration is the perfect solution for any collaborative, videoconferencing-based working environment. HELGI Collaboration makes any operation easy thanks to a Windows 10 launcher meant to work seamlessy with HELGI IFPs (Interactive Flat Panels).

Based on Windows 10, the launcher is totally customizable by the administrator to show only the applications needed by the end users, such as Skype, the Web browser, Office applications etc. It’s a safe, user-friendly solution: any user, regardless of the level of proficiency in the use of digital solutions, will be able to start a videoconference, use a digital whiteboard, share contents and ideas with colleagues, both in presence or in remote.

HELGI Collaboration can be provided with the exclusive Helgi Marker, a tool able to transform anything written with dry-erase markers on any regular whiteboard in a digital content, streamed live on the Whiteboard application native of the HELGI Collaborationlauncher.

Moreover, real-time mirroring supports any kind of device (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS etc.) so that the participants can mirror their devices on the main monitor to easily share contents and contributions.

External Compute Card Dock

Compute Card
This is the heart of the HELGI Collaboration solution: based on an Intel processor, it includes the HELGI Collaboration Windows 10 launcher, and it’s ready to start working as soon as it is switched on

Compute Card Dock
This is the external chassis of the Compute Card: tiny, lightweight and with a full array of I/O ports, it can be easily placed everywhere in the meeting room and connected with the HELGI Interactive Flat Panels for an astounding user experience

IFP – Embedded PC with Helgi Collaboration

An all-in-one solution with integrated PC
Our cable-less, zero-clutter solution: the Interactive Flat Panel is provided with a mini PC on the inside, provided with all the HELGI Collaboration applications.

This is the most convenient, user-friendly and elegant solution, ideal for highly stylished workplaces, huddle and meeting rooms. You don’t need any external PC, any cable running to the monitor: one push on the ON button, and everything is ready for your brainstorming session, videoconference or presentation. No time wasted on setups, configurations or installations thanks to the Airserver tehcnology, which allows real-time, multi-user mirroring from any device using native protocols.

For any question please write an email to

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New projection screens Cobra and Polichinelle at ISE 2018

Helgi is proud to invite you at ISE in Amsterdam (booth 14M150), from 6th to 9th February 2018, to come and see our new projection screens:


COBRA Projection screen
Innovative motorized screen with upwards unrolling system, self-standing, suitable for attics installation and rooms with skewed ceiling; buildings of historical and architectural relevance and anywhere it’s impossible to drill holes in the wall or ceiling; theatres, cinemas and stages; yachts and boats; renting or service equipment. The ideal solution for Architects!
Download the brochure

POLICHINELLE Projection screen
We are proud to present at ISE 2018 a 12-meter polichinelle motorized projection screen. With the polichinelle technology the projection screen is rolled up and down over a large diameter tube positioned in the lower part of the screen itself, through a system of steel ropes and pulleys. This technology allows a perfectly planar canvas and is suitable for large projection cinema screens.

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Helgi Europe will be at ISE 2018 with the new brand HELGI

HELGI ™ Europe will participate at ISE from the 6th to 9th February, 2018 in Amsterdam with its AV PROFESSIONAL range of solutions:

  • Interactive Flat Panels, equipped with a wide offer of mounting stands, business collaboration solutions for meeting and conference room.
    V-Series brochure
    P-Series brochure
  • Whiteboard panel HELGI/Chamaleon without frame in bundle with new interactive software for an innovative and immersive collaboration experience
  • New range of Tensioned projection screens

  • New 12 mt Projection Screen polichinelle technology for theatre, auditorium, convention centre and where a continuous running of a large surface of projection is required. Possibility of custom manufacturing: size, projection fabric etc.

HELGI ™ Europe staff will gladly demonstrate the full range of solutions at the stand 14M150, please write an email to and you will be contacted to fix a meeting at your convenience.

Free entrance ticket to the exhibition using the invitation code 397704.

Please register on ISE website at the following link

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HELGI will be at Bett 2018 – from 24th to 27th of January in London

Helgi Europe will participate at Bett 2018 in London with its educational solutions, BETT is the global education event and that’s why we have chosen it for our launch.

From January 24 to 27, 2018 Helgi Europe, the business and educational multimedia solution provider, will be present at Bett 2018 in London with a stand dedicated to its products for the world of education.

Some of the innovative solutions presented will be:

  • Chimpa: the integrated solution for the control and management of mobile devices in the school environment.
  • WE LAB Portable Laboratory: the simplest way to perform classroom experiments through smartphones and tablets.
  • Collaboration Desk & Seats with Integrated JOS Solution: A modular desk that can be transformed from a single student place to an integral part of a larger system, also hosting groups of 2, 4, 6 or more students.

Helgi Europe staff will gladly demonstrate the full range of solutions at the stand C362, please send us an email (below you’ll find the new email addresses) and you will be contacted to fix a meeting at your convenience and get free invitation to the exhibition.

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Full Learning System

Educational solutions

Natural learning is based on experience as discovery of the world. In both the analogue and digital world, playing is the most effective way to gain experiences and, therefore, to learn. That’s why new teaching technologies focus their features on creating experiences recreational and educational at the same time.
It’s the principle of gamification.

Students of today can share multimedia contents, photos, text and information from a classroom to the other and compete through quizzes and other stimulating apps with a simple purpose: making the learning process more natural and more suitable to the contemporary concept of education.

HELGI Europe gives you the chance to complete a learning environment based on interactive and multimedia tools with Chimpa. Chimpa is an MDM-based app (Mobile Device Management), specifically designed for teachers, students and scholastic institutes. This is the real 3.0 revolution for teaching.

New didactics call for new needs in the scholastic environments. HELGI Europe offers you efficient furnishing solutions specifically conceived to ease the learning process.

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Interactive Smart System

Business solutions

Interactive displays are not only a simple and impactful tool for presenting and sharing information, but also an instrument performing complex tasks with a few simple gestures from the user.

HELGI Europe merged the state-of-the-art technology of interactive displays with a full array of innovative, exclusive services.

This system introduces whole-new possibilities for the business world and allows better interactions during meetings, enhanced tools for training and education and improved means of communication between the company and its customers, to express a strong drive towards innovation.

HELGI Europe is your ultimate adviser when it comes to guide the choice of corporate customers, thanks to a deep knowledge of the different, specific potential of new technologies, along with the proper training tools for the final user.

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